We develop and sell Finventors -products that can be used for both high- and low-pressure water mist fire extinguishing systems without forgetting the traditional sprinklers. The products are innovative and unique – they allow for an entirely new way for fire suppression systems to operate and be used.

FINVENTORS -product family

Finventors -products have been designed to make life easier for all parties who are taking part in the maintenance of the property and to considerably raise the level of safety. The products take the use, maintenance and testing of different complex systems and turn them into an easier to use and understand form. Our products can be installed to existing systems and fit approximately 90% of these properties.

Currently the development has been completed for a water and electricity independent remotely monitored fire extinguishing system and a control and monitoring centre. Multiple new products relating to fire safety and fire extinguishing systems are being developed to expand the product family even further.

Control and monitoring centre

Control and monitoring centre is a remotely operated fire extinguishing system pump station, that includes an innovative monitoring centre. The product enables the remote use, maintenance and monitoring of the fire extinguishing systems.

Advantages over traditional systems:

  • Makes it possible to remotely operate, test and monitor the (fire extinguishing system, pump station) systems. This makes the monitoring of these systems extremely simple and the settings can be changed remotely.
  • The ability to use a separate display or a protected VPN connection (computer, tablet or other mobile device)
  • Designed specifically to monitor and secure as well as to instruct the users of the fire extinguishing systems to operate correctly.
  • Human errors can be eliminated with the use of digitalisation and automation.
  • The number of false alarms can be drastically reduced; up to 2500 false alarms out of 3000 can be prevented.
  • Also prevents water damage, because the leak can be located and remotely shut down.
  • The innovation is the most advanced and best amongst the products on offer – the only one on the market!
  • Upkeep expenses can be cut by up to 50% and no more excessive and expensive working hours need to be used for the testing of the system (the testing itself is done remotely)
  • The level of safety is significantly increased while the work of firefighters is made easier. In large sites the search for the pump station can be avoided when the need arises for the pump station to be turned off and potentially restarted. It also monitors the operational levels of the system and directs the firefighters.